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Molly Construction was formed in 1987 by the Angelina DeNofa.  Molly is headquartered in the Port Richmond/Kensington section of Philadelphia.  We service all types of commercial and residential projects from public works projects with SEPTA and PHA to expansion projects with the finest universities in Philadelphia.  We operate with a core office staff of 12 and upwards of up to 150 people at any one time in the field.

Molly began as a concrete company providing quality service to all general contractors in the Philadelphia region.   The company has thrived on its reputation for quality workmanship and dependability since its inception.  Having forged long-standing relationships with many of the premier general contractors in the region, Molly is the sub-contractor of choice for many. Molly employs qualified estimators and project managers with diversified backgrounds and experience in every facet of the concrete business.